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Exhibition Services

/Storage, Transportation, Set Up and Breakdown
Exhibition Services

JRC Express Exhibition services allow your staff to fully concentrate on the forthcoming exhibition, rather than worrying about the exhibition logistics. We take care of the exhibition transportation, set-up and breakdown of the exhibition stand.

We offer storage for your exhibition stand, literature and materials. We can then transport to your chosen exhibition whether it be in the UK, Europe or beyond.

On arrival at the exhibition venue we will set-up your stand, load it with literature racks and deal with any event material as necessary. Once set-up we will simply hand over the set-up stand to a member of your event or exhibition team. We can remain on site and be available for any further assistance and help if required.

At the end of the exhibition, event or show we will breakdown the exhibition stand and then transport the equipment safely back to your premises or back to our storage facilities ready for your next exhibition.

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